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The business world is going through an intriguing shake-up. Stories of brave innovation among the traditional business set, creative entrepreneurial adventure, and communities rallying, all with a common fixation: tackling the world’s most “wicked,” seemingly indomitable social and environmental issues. Poverty. Educational failure. Environmental waste. Damaged oceans and marine ecosystems. A solution? Business—but different.

From coffee growing, to embroidering, to web coding, to toy making; you’re about to learn how social businesses are disrupting the norm, and making way for a host of novel ways to tackle old problems. And it’s up to us—the card-swipers, the consumers, the vaguely labelled “general public”—to vote with our feet and our wallets, and decide whether the demand for such business grows.

You’ll hear the words “social enterprise” in here a lot. What we’ve discovered is that there’s a thriving sector helpfully labelled thus, and beyond it, there’s also a bunch of folk out there in traditional, mainstream organisations, trying their darndest to be more intentional about how to help both people and planet through what they do every day—all while making profit. It’s a continuum.

Let the disclaimer resound: in canvassing such a world of human activity, we could’ve created a tome seven times this size, and still contemplated a sequel. What follows is simply a snapshot of what’s happening out there.

Our hope is this: that you will be inspired to think laterally about ways you can put a new lens on your own vocation, whatever that may look like. It’s a lifelong challenge, and it’s one being taken up by hundreds of thousands of people in this country every day.

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MJ Kaplan / The Tipping Point *

Jaimee Abict / Business Unusual

Alex Hannant / How Social Enterprises Work and What They Need to Grow

Stephan Vermeulen & Nakita Whittaker / Inside Enspiral Space

Michelle Sharp / Perspective Tilt

Jeremy Vargo  / Doing Good and Making Money

Murray Sheard / More Than Profit

Kareen Hillenaar / Worlds Together

Hannah Smith / Seeing the Possible


*Correction notice:

An error appears on page 8 of Volume 02 in the article, The Tipping Point – please note that the figure of $127 million mentioned should be $1.27 million. We apologise for this error.

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