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PRE-ORDER: Volume 07 - on recovery, repair, and reconciliation

Mess, brokenness, failure. These are realities that exist alongside the tidy, functioning, successful bits of life that we often prefer to focus on. Anyone who's ever watched a home renovation show knows that restoring what doesn't work often takes a lot more time, care, and cash than building or buying something new.

Still, we persist.

This year's theme was chosen in December 2019, long before we had heard the now ubiquitous acronym "COVID-19," months before we all decided we never wanted to hear the word "unprecedented" ever again

Suddenly, notions of recovery took on a more immediate definition; the pandemic, the economic strain, the lost opportunities, all demanding a plan for how we fix this.

But as the voices in this magazine point out, we were breaking and in need of recovery in many places prior to March 2020. The work of repair and reconciliation is ongoing for all of us. From childhood trauma and mental health battles to political polarisation and the way we interact with nature, the stories you will read here offer a hopeful invitation to make restoration part of the way you live.

Involving ourselves in broken, messy situations is hardly ever easy or cost-free. But choosing to be part of the work of recovery is an act of hope. The repairer starts with two things: what currently is, and a vision of what could be.

The stories in the following pages make that vision a reality. Reading them, I trust you will find encouragement, inspiration, and an invitation to pull on your gloves and get to work.


Repairing the Fabric of the Universe - Te Karere Scarborough
Build Back Better - interviews with Andrea Black, Derek Gill, Terina Cowan
Home For Good - Shelly Neethling
Rebuilding Trust: Polarisation, Politics, and Public Good - Thomas Simpson
Photo Essay - Benjamin Johnson
Raising the "Fourth Wall" - Tommy Livingston
The Things We Sell, and Those We Can't - John Fox
A Clearer View - Hannah Revell
Pono and Tika - a New Invitation to be a Man - Kieran Madden

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