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Volume 05 - in the bonds of love we meet

“In the bonds of love we meet” 

It’s a phrase most of us have sung with varying degrees of passion, but is the affection it describes a reality in contemporary New Zealand public life? What kind of love binds us to people we’ve never met; with whom we may feel we have nothing in common? And where are we meeting to discuss what unites and divides us?

Riven by personal and political debates that go down to the core of our identities, it is easy to feel that coming together to claim some kind of common “Kiwi” culture is now impossibly complicated. The enduring task of society has always been to find ways to bring disparate peoples together to seek a peaceful unity. Our challenge now is to work out what this looks like in our context.

The contributors to this magazine have considered how this might be done: in neighbourhoods and families, in fraying institutions like media and politics, through different cultural lenses, and in the kinds of communities and education that form us to listen and love.

This collection of stories and articles has been put together to spark new conversations, not only about the genuine conflicts that separate us, but on the need for the kind of civility, formation, practices, and affections which can continue to bind us together.

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