When asked about what home means to us we are indeed a little biased in our answer – we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Sheep road home
We wake up to its views, we share the land with its people. We are a small nation in comparison to some, but in some ways this brings an incredible sense of unity.
two people Beach fish and chips home
two people beach pier home
This is especially true for us around NZ summer time – that part of the year when the sun comes back for more, and we couldn’t be happier about it.
girl sits ocean home
man map cafe home
For us, when thinking about what makes summer here all that it is, it’s definitely more about “whom” than “what.”
boy jump river holiday home
cups community coffee home
It’s about people more than anything, sharing in it all. Whether it’s over a meal and a cold one, or in the water on a scorching hot day; around a bonfire, or along the main road driving for hours; over a Christmas meal, or under the night sky covered in our New Year’s lights together.
fresh strawberries hands home
bikes basket joy home
red tent outside home
It’s about doing it all together.
wellington waterfront water home
To us, this is home.

Stephan Vermeulen & Nakita Whittaker

Stephan Vermeulen and Nakita Whittaker are Auckland-based freelance photographers. www.stephanandnakita.com